Skating Association of Maine (SAM)

After the collapse of the Kennebec Ice Arena, skaters in Maine were faced with the loss of a significant resource.  Not only was the ice gone, but so was much of the support structure that was conveniently available to skaters of all disciplines at the rink. 

Spinnergy was on hand to assist in consolidating and unifying two diverse user groups – hockey and figure skating – for the purpose of strengthening the financial viability of a new year-round ice skating rink in central Maine.

Under the direction of the newly found, non-profit group called the Skating Association of Maine (SAM), Spinnergy developed a website using SportsNgin technology to help with the unification process.  The new website provides information about learn-to-skate programs, coaching & clinic resources, board activities, and schedules of events to more than 300 SAM members.

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